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Import Wizard What's New

For full details please see the help file.

Version 10 Upgrade Notes

  • Import Wizard 10 uses a new model file format. Files saved with version 9 can not be opened in previous versions, we recommend to create a backup copy of your model files before using this version.
  • Version 10 can open unencrypted model files created with version 7, 8 or 9. To upgrade encrypted model files and model files created with earlier versions: use the IwmConvert.exe utility or open + save the files with version 8, now Import Wizard 9 can open the files.

    Version 10 Change Log

    Version 9.3.7 (11 August 2010)

  • Add: Add-ins for Excel 2010 and Access 2010.
  • Older Versions Change Log

    Version 9.3.7 (11 August 2010)

  • Add: Command Timeout property for SQL-Server/MSDE output.
  • Add: App_Quiet property to SDK interface.
  • Remove: Standard user install option.
  • Version 9.3.6 (31 July 2010)

  • Change: Standard users without administrative rights can now install the software.
  • Version 9.3.5 (16 May 2010)

  • Fix: Excel addin did not work when Excel and Windows language were not identical.
  • Version 9.3.4 (5 May 2010)

  • Fix: Access Output did not set default values for Record and Table Action.
  • Version 9.3.3 (5 April 2010)

  • Fix: Large negative line numbers in fixed and delimited models.
  • Change: Improve design window speed for PDF imports.
  • Version 9.3.2 (20 February 2010)

  • Change: Model design window now displays up to 10000 lines.
  • Change: New PDF import library.
  • Version 9.3.1 (18 February 2010)

  • Fix: Import Wizard now runs on 64 bit Windows versions
  • Fix: Problem with PDF import on Vista/Win7
  • Version 9.3.0 (14 February 2010)

  • Change: Improved PDF import.
  • Version 9.2.1 (25 February 2008)

  • Fix: Multi Excel file import imported first file only.
  • Fix: Application now runs without Admin rights.
  • Fix: Positioning of field highlighting in fixed-position model design.
  • Fix: "Update Records" did not function correctly with MySQL.
  • Version 9.2.0 (15 January 2008)

  • Add: Greatly improve import speed for imports into Excel (by a factor 10-20)
  • Add: Support for large spreadsheets with more than 65536 rows.
  • Add: Improve import preview speed.
  • Change: Upgraded to Microsoft .NET 2.0
  • Version 9.1.1 (4 March 2007)

  • Add: 'Pre Import SQL' and 'Post Import SQL' properties to all database outputs.
  • Version 9.1.0 (21 January 2007)

  • Add: Runtime and SDK versions.
  • Version 9.0.9 (3 October 2006)

  • Add: Import text extracted from PDF files.
  • Add: Option to treat Chinese characters as two positions wide.
  • Add: Preferences setting to change the font for the Fixed Import designer.
  • Version 9.0.8 (10 September 2006)

  • Add: Import Automation options to move/delete files after import.
  • Add: Screen Updating property for Excel output.
  • Add: IwmConvert.exe utility to convert iwm files from previous versions.
  • Fix: XML import did not work correctly with empty elements.
  • Fix: Footer marker did not function if footer was more than 256 lines down.
  • Fix: Regex import error on null fields.
  • Fix: Regex compile error caused "Import Init Failed", now generates W249 warning message.
  • Version 9.0.7 (13 August 2006)

  • Fix: Delimited imports did not import last field (bug in version 9.0.6 only, earlier versions were not affected).
  • Version 9.0.6 (16 July 2006)

  • Fix: Remove 'Error in ConvertDelimited' message from Delimited imports.
  • Fix: Formula compile error when a field has the same name as a .NET function, such as 'Date'.
  • Version 9.0.5 (26 June 2006)

  • Add: 'Ignore Type Conversion Warnings' checkbox to the main window.
  • Change: /Q switch to command line options runs import without a graphical user interface.
  • Version 9.0.4 (20 June 2006)

  • Add: Line Delimiter to Delimited File output.
  • Add: Pre- and Post-Import SQL for Access output.
  • Add: 'Confirm Create New Table' to Table Actions, this is now the default action.
  • Change: The Variable field property is now processed before formula evaluation.
  • Fix: Access output did not create Memo fields.
  • Version 9.0.3 (3 June 2006)

  • Add: Support for Office 2007. -- Note: Installing Excel 2007 Beta potentially breaks Excel imports, (re)installing an older version of Excel after installing Excel 2007 Beta fixes this problem.
  • Fix: Repeat on Empty field property did not function.
  • Version 9.0.2

  • Added marker functionality to Delimited, Excel and HTML imports.
  • Support for XML imports.
  • New Field Properties and additional field processing.
  • Better support for output to Sql-Server, Oracle and MySql due to native .NET drivers.
  • Import warning no longer hold up the import, the messages are logged to the import progress dialog.
  • Formula Builder dialog helps with creating formulas and filter expressions.
  • Regular Expression dialog helps with creating and testing of regular expressions.
  • More powerful regular expression engine.
  • International characters are now displayed correctly.

    Version 9.0.1

  • Beta release.
  • Version 8.2.1 (6 April 2006)

  • Add: A number entered in the Excel import range name will import the corresponding sheet from the source file, e.g. "1" imports the first sheet in from the source Excel file.
  • Version 8.2.0 (23 June 2005)

  • Fix: Improved import speed for Add-in versions.
  • Modify: COM Add-in renamed to IW8DLL.
  • Version 8.1.1 (6 June 2005)

  • Modify: Add additional code page selections to character set dropdown.
  • Fix: Repeat field value in fixed models with more than one record marker did not work correctly.
  • Fix: Closing a paused preview window kept process running in background.
  • Fix: Tableviewer kept table open until application was closed, table is now closed when window is closed.
  • Version 8.1.0 (14 April 2005)

  • Add: Recursively import files from a directory and all its subdirectories.
  • Add: Raw Code Page to import data byte based irrespective of system locale.
  • Add: impwiz.CodePage function to convert raw byte data into specific code page.
  • Modify: COM Add-in renamed from IW8DLL to ImpWiz81.
  • Version 8.0.2 (2 March 2005)

  • Add: Code Page translations.
  • Add: Automatic handling of Unicode source files.
  • Fix: Command line parser did not work correctly.
  • Fix: In fixed model design the repeat option labels were swapped.
  • Version 8.0.1 (1 February 2005)

  • User interface improvements:
      - Add-In versions and Pro version now have uniform interface with toolbar buttons.
      - Source files: show *.* when selecting all files in a directory.
      - Show fields grouped by marker in fixed model design.
      - Last used model directory is default directory for file open/save.
  • Update functionality to update (replace) existing records with new data based on matching key fields.
  • Improved support for SQL-Server, MSDE, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, Firebird and other databases.
  • Connect String Builder to assist in setting up database connect strings.
  • Passwords/Encryption
      - Open Password on model files prevents unauthorized access.
      - Modify Password on model files prevents unauthorized changes.
      - Password protected model files are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access via file editors.
  • New field property "Data Type" specifies data type of field when table is created.
  • New functions for use in formulas:
      - ProperCase: Convert string to proper case (i.e. with first letter of each word capitalized)
      - GetCityUS, GetStateUS, GetZipUS: Split US-Address into City, State and Zipcode parts
      - [fieldname].LastData retrieves field value in last record.

    Version 7.0.12 (4 January 2005)

    Fix: Return values of Access Add-In ImportWizardGo() function.

    Version 7.0.11 (26 November 2004)

    Fix: Excel add-in did not import more than 32768 records.

    Version 7.0.10 (8 November 2004)

    Fix: Problem with handling of empty fields in Excel Add-In (problem only existed in 7.0.9).

    Version 7.0.9 (28 September 2004)

    Add: HTML import now replaces   entities with spaces.
    Add: impwiz.IfNull function.
    Fix: On some systems Excel add-in imported an empty table.

    Version 7.0.8 (26 February 2004)

  • Add: Add-ins for MS-Office 2003.
  • Add: “New line delimiter” in More Parameters to set non-standard line delimiters.

    Version 7.0.7 (4 November 2003)

  • Fix: Add-In VBA function ImportWizardGo() showed “Do you want to save?” dialog when called with optional arguments.
  • Fix: Windows error on exit when Delim model designer was opened (happened only on Win2000 & ImpWiz Add-In).

    Version 7.0.6 (4 September 2003)

  • Fix: Filters on Fixed imports with fields that do not occur in every record.
  • Add: New field property "Data Type" to define datatype of created database tables for Delim imports.

    Version 7.0.5 (30 July 2003)

  • Fix: Next button on first New Model dialog does not always display second dialog.
  • Add: Multiline field support for delimited imports.
  • Add: Environment variables formatted as %USERNAME% allowed in Source, Log, and DB filenames.

    Version 7.0.4 (11 June 2003)

  • Add: Instructions to create user-interface translations (See International Versions)
  • Fix: HTML import problem
  • Fix: Import into SQL-Server 2000 problem.
  • Add: Spanish and Italian interface translations.

    Version 7.0.3 (12 March 2003)

  • Add: New field property “Formula Evaluation” to control when a formula is evaluated.
  • Add: New marker string <LINENO n,m> to match specific line numbers.
  • Fix: In fixed import creating multiple records from a single line works again. (Was working in version 6.0.9)
  • Add: Option to specify text editor command line.
  • Fix: Excel Add-in keeps text format. For example text import of "01MAR" is displayed as is, it used to display as "1-Mar"

    Version 7.0.2 (20 January 2003)

  • Add: Support for source files in DOS character set.
  • Add: Fixed line lengths.
  • Add: First byte offset.
  • Fix: Access Add-Ins progress display.
  • Fix: Excel 97 Add-In startup problem.

    Version 7.0.1 (22 December 2002)

  • First release of version 7.

    Version 7.0.0 (Beta Release)

  • Add: Convert To and Conversion Method field properties are preset to Text, Date or Numeric.
  • Add: Option to select font for Model Design dialog.
  • Modify: Fixed Model Design dialog displays full 32000 characters per line, and fixed display font can be chosen to display a larger portion of the file.
  • Modify: Returnvalues of VBA functions and commandline call simplified.
  • Add: Export (output) imported table to XML files.
  • Add: New variables RecordID, TotalRecordID, and TotalRecordNo.
  • Fix: Delimited imports can now have multiple fields with the same delimited field number.
  • Add: Holding Field/Marker Up or Down arrow will continuously move the Field/Marker
  • Add: In Fixed model design, markers updates refresh display automatically
  • Add: “Preview Import” function to preview import results without actually importing.
  • Modify: Model files are now saved in XML format. Version 7 opens previous model file formats, but model files will be saved in the new format.
  • Modify: update to msvbvm60.dll from msvbvm50.dll

    Version 6.0.9 (16 September 2002)

  • Fix: Display control characters as ~ in model design window.

    Version 6.0.8 (1 February 2002)

  • Modify: Fixed Model Design dialog displays lines up to 2000 characters (was 500), see Import Algorithm and Limitations.
  • Fix: System lockup in Footer markers. This bug appeared in 6.0.7, earlier versions were fine.

    Version 6.0.7 (21 January 2002)

  • Add: Most recently used files in can be accessed via model file dropdown.
  • Modify: Delimited fields, fields starting with a text qualifier are now truncated at the first non-escaped text qualifier. (Before the field was truncated at the next delimiter.)
  • Modify: Increase line offset and number of multilines from 100 to 255.
  • Fix: Some Fixed Model Design features did not work properly.
  • [Pro only] Add: When used in batch mode impwiz.exe returns the result of the import.

    Version 6.0.6 (16 November 2001)

  • Fix: Upon creating a field in fixed mode, the file display jumps to first character of the line instead of showing the created field.
  • Fix: Upon modifying a model after deleting fields, the Model subwindow was not always displayed correctly.
  • [Access Only] Fix: sourcefile and logfile were not copied into model after using file-browse button.

    Version 6.0.5 (17 September 2001)
  • Add HTML import now imports <TH> tags
  • Add 'Repeat within marker' field property
  • Fix increase max chars in source file(s) dialog

    Version 6.0.4 (25 July 2001)
  • Add HTML table import.
  • (Pro) Add HTML, Excel and dBase file output.
  • Add Formula and Skip field properties to delimited import.
  • (Pro) Add MS-SQL Server support.

    Version 6.0.3 (21 May 2001)
  • Add multiline markers.
  • Add Trim/Raw and LineBreak keywords for Multiline formats.
  • Fix import warnings for incorrect dates (was working in 5.1)

    Version 6.0.2 (24 April 2001)
  • Fix table field tpye was always set to text on new tables.
  • Fix filter condition is now evaluated after variables, regular expressions, and formulas.
  • Fix repeat field property didn't work correctly on delimited imports.
  • New install/uninstall program by

    Version 6.0.1 (26 March 2001)
  • First release of version 6, includes some minor bug fixes.

    Version 6.0.0 (Beta Release)
  • Improved model design interface: highlights fields, markers and discard markers in the source file.
  • Modify field start, length, and line properties by CTRL-selecting text in the source file.
  • Line offset property for discard markers.
  • The same fields can be defined more than once which allows for imports with more than one record of a single line.
  • Regular expressions in markers and formulas.
  • The same field can be defined more than once to enable imports with multiple records on a single line.
  • Multi lingual interface: English, French, and German.
  • Optimized code for improved speed.
  • Markers are processed in the order that they appear in the design window (was descending order of marker number).
  • Single setup program for executable and add-in versions.
  • Version 6.0 models are upwards compatible with version 5.x models.

    Version 5.1.6
  • Fix line shift problem on some imports with CR-LF newlines
  • [Pro only] Fix first field is skipped in delimited output

    Version 5.1.5
  • Replace comdlg32.ocx calls with API calls

    Version 5.1.4
  • Add help button on import warning/error messages
  • [Pro only] Fix 'Skip' field property doesn't work for delimited output
  • [Pro only] Add /Q command switch to operate in 'quiet' mode
  • [Pro only] Fix batch execution doesn't close application window
  • Limit number of delimited fields to 1000
  • Fix overflow error on delimited files with long (>32k char) lines
  • Add 'Discard' marker to filter out unwanted lines from source file
  • Fix delimiter property for negative delimiter numbers with space as delimiter

    Version 5.1.3
  • Changed setup program to OLDER settings
  • Site license now displays company name, not user name in title bar

    Version 5.1.2
  • Fixed registration form messages

    Version 5.1.1
  • Updated help and sample files
  • Some minor interface corrections
  • Developers Toolkit available

    Version 5.1.0 (Beta Release)
  • Major rewrite of the code
  • Improved model design/modification interface
  • Formula functionality for fields
  • Where condition to selectively import records
  • Multi-line fields
  • Improved date conversion capabilities

    Version 5.0.3
  • Marker string scrolls horizontally with file data
  • Fix "Type Mismatch" error on creating new delimited type import model

    Version 5.0.2
  • Fix delimited field import (fixed type imports)

    Version 5.0.1
  • Add optional arguments to ImportWizardStart function
  • Fix ImportWizardGo function

    Version 5.0.0
  • Improved new and modify model dialogs
  • Import multiple records from a single line
  • New model file format
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